Technology / Equipment

Full support for optical products by Keihin Komaku Co., Ltd.

We maximize our optical thin-film process technology and the know-how, enable prompt offering of trial products and contribute to shortening delivery time. Besides, we have 2 factories in Japan and the second factory newly established in China in 2008, which are equipped with mass production facilities. Our consistent processes such as material processes, cleaning, evaporation coating, test, cutting, bonding and so on maintain the quality and contribute to cost reduction.
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We have a variety of equipments to produce products corresponding to our customers’ needs.

Our cleaning processes have various ultrasonic cleaning equipments, and we can respond to mass production and large substrates. In addition, our evaporation coating processes have various large multilayer film vacuum evaporation equipments, where enable the high-value added process using IAD (Ion Assisted Deposition), IP (Ion Plating), SP (Sputtering) etc.
From small quantity production to mass production, we have the production systems tailored to our customers’ needs.

Multi-layer thin film deposition machine

Vacume chanber
φ1800 mm type 18units( IAD machines7units )
φ1500 mm type 3units( IAD machines1units )
φ1300 mm type 16units( HDRIP machines1unit,IAD machines 3units )
φ1100 mm type 4units( IADmachines3units )
φ900 mm type 1units( IAD machines )
φ850 mm type 2units( IAD machines )

Substrate coating machines, 5units

Glass cleaning machine

Ultrasonic cleaner, 5 units( 14 tubs/2 units, 10 tubs/2 units, 7 tubs/1 unit )
Roller cleaner, 6 units
Simple cleaner, 1 unit
water purifying apparatus, 6 units( RO-type 3 machines, EDI-type 3 machines )


Aoutmatic glass cutter, Chamferer, etc. 30 units

Measuring devices

spectrophotometer, 11 units ( Hitachi series 8 units, Otsuka Electronics 3 units )
Interference fringes plane measuring device, 9 units ( laser interferometer for BD 1 unit )
phase-contrast measurement machine 1 unit
digital microscope 10 unit


environmental testing machine 7 unit ( heat cycle, constant temperature and humidity, etc. )
optical microscope many