Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

1. Definition of private information

Private information defines the following identifiable information for specific individuals.
1) Name, address, zip code, date of birth, sex, occupation, telephone number, e-mail address etc.
2) Information that is not identifiable only by the information, but identifiable for specific individuals by matching it against other information.

2. Purpose of collecting and use of private information

1) Type of private information obtained from our customers
a. Information involved in inquiries about our products and services
b. Information involved in applications for our recruitment activities
2) Purpose of use of private information obtained from our customers
a. To respond to customer inquiries
b. To send various documents to our customers
c. To inform our customers of our services
d. To offer our backup services to our customers
e. To contact with our customers concerning business meetings or arrangement
f. To inform applicants for our employment opportunities
g. To register our informally-appointed workers

3. Management of private information

1) We work for the prevention of unauthorized access to private information obtained from our customers, defacing, breaking and leakage of it, for security reason.
2) We work to take rational and precise safety control measures concerning treatment of private information, and work for the prevention of the use of it for purposes other than those disclosed in our privacy policy.

4. Disclosure of private information to a third party

We don’t disclose or present the private information obtained from our customers to a third party, except for the following cases.
a. In the case of prior agreement from our customers
b. In the case of inquiry from our customers
c. In the case requested by laws etc. to disclose it
d. In the case of necessity to inform delivery companies of names/addresses to deliver the goods/products
e. In the case of serious difficulty to obtain the customer’s agreement if there is a possibility of serious damage to human life, health or property

5. Disclosure/correction/elimination of private information

1?We provide quick and best service to disclose, correct or eliminate any of the content of private information in the case of the customer’s request, only when we can confirm the identity of the customer.
2?Please note that we cannot disclose any private information concerning criteria for selection or evaluation of our recruitment.

6. If you would like to inquire regarding our privacy policy, please contact to the following:

General Administration Department
Keihin Komaku Kogyo Co., Ltd.
24-20 Horiyamashita, Hadano-shi
Kanagawa 259-1304 Japan