Laser Mirror

Laser mirror is a mirror to highly reflect a specific wavelength. It uses dielectric multilayer without absorption/scattering of light, so membrane design corresponding to various lasers is also possible.
By selecting substrate materials and coating materials, it is possible to correspond to high-power laser.

Usage : laser beam machine

Laser Mirror

Thin-film mirror corresponding to high-power laser of arbitrary wavelength on the substrate such as quart or BK-7

Reflection Rate?more than 99?
Incident Angle?30°etc.
Wavelength?355nm?532nm?1064nm etc.
Laser proof strength?10J/c?
?355nm?Pulse width 1ns?
We have a past record of 47J/c? in the case of repeating pulse oscillation, pulse width 30ns with 60kHz.
? The above data is referential and not something to guarantee its spec.