Dichroic Mirror/Filter

It achieves high-reflectivity/high-transmission and is excellent at angular independence.

Usage : liquid crystal projector, digital camera, color complex machine, for analytical use of chromaticity/color, lighting equipment, etc.

Wedge Filter

Wedge filter to change spectroscopic characteristic, according to the location of substrate surface (It can change different angular incident light to the same wavelength and transmit it.)

Cold Mirror

Cold mirror to reflect visible light and transmit ultraviolet and infrared rays

A mirror formed with non-absorbing multi-layers that can efficiently
reflect visible light while transmitting near infrared and ultra-violet.
Since heat rays are separated from the reflected light, It can be utilized in various products such as lighting equipment that you do not want to get hot.
( projectors, medical equipment, and other light reflectors.)

Anti-Reflection Coating

Broadband anti-reflection filter of 450nm ?1000nm

Bandpass Filter

Non-shift bandpass filter to transmit light of an arbitrary wavelength and reflect other light


Non-shift dichroic filter/mirror able to separate/synthesize the 3 primary colors of Blue ?B?, Green?G?and Red?R?from white light and to obtain the colors of Yellow?Y?, Magenta?M? and Cyan?C?.