Beam Splitter

Beam splitter splits specific wavelength into more than two, and splits polarization components, P wave and S wave, almost without absorbing them. Forms of substrate have prism types, plane types etc. Half-mirror has the about 1:1 proportion between reflected light and transmitted light. Dielectric film coat makes absorption extremely little, minimizes light quantity, compared with the case of using metal film and enables highly-efficient optical branching. We produce according to each customer’s request of arbitrary wavelength/incident angle/proportion.

Usage : liquid crystal projector, optics pickup (Blue-ray, DVD, CD), pptical communication equipment, measuring device, analytical equipment, polarization element etc.

Polarization Beam Splitter

Polarization Beam Splitter is a filter that dielectric multilayer film as plates, prisms,wedge, decompose the polarized component.

Half Mirror

The half mirror is proportional to transmission and reflection at both of dielectric metal film, and multilayer film.