Environment Philosophy

We have our core factory, Hadano factory in Hadano City in Kanagawa and Iwate factory in Esashi-ku, Oushu City in Iwate, where we mainly produce and sell optical components and optical substrate products by vacuum evaporation thin-film process. Our factories are surrounded by nature, and we actively promote environmental preservation. Working in such areas, we set a policy as follows, to coexist with green environment and to practice our environmental management and improvement aimed at co-existence and co-prosperity through our business activities.

Basic Policy

1. We continuously attempt to remedy the environmental management system by setting environmental goals and purposes, by fulfilling them and by regularly reviewing them along with our environment philosophy in order to effectively perform environmental activities.

2. We comply with environment-related laws, governmental agency laws etc. and other requirements accepted by our company.

3. We promote the following items and strengthen contamination prevention as much as economically possible through our business activities.
1) Improvement of environment performance (Improvement of field management?
2) Improvement of environment risk and cost ?Reduction of usage of electricity, reduction of emission?
3) Environment improvement of suppliers (Proposals for environment friendliness, promotion of green purchase)
4) Approach to management of chemicals in products

4. We convey our environment philosophy and basic points of system to all of our employees to promote their work activities.

5. This policy will be provided and available for the public and shown in the company’s brochures, notices and so on.