About Us
Trustworthy Production System
Vacuum deposition technology requires advance adjustment techniques, which in turn requires the latest equipment and experienced experts. In addition, everything from the selection of materials to the final product is examined and measured at various times. Leading facilities, superior technology, and thorough quality control. By lining up the above, we are able to provide highly precise optical thin film products.
Achieved High temperature and high humidity test for 1000 hours.
Our Ag Mirror guarantees durablity especially when used as a reflection mirror for a concentrator solar cell.
We have successfully created a product that can withstand extreme weather condition (acid rain, temperature extremes and humidity) that can last for decades. read more
Technology / Equipment
Multi-layer thin film deposition machine, Ultrasonic cleaner,etc
We have a variety of equipments to produce products corresponding to our customers’ needs. Our cleaning processes have various ultrasonic cleaning equipments, and we can respond to mass production and large substrates. In addition, our evaporation coating processes have various large multilayer film vacuum evaporation equipments, where enable the high-value added process using IAD (Ion Assisted Deposition), IP (Ion Plating), SP (Sputtering) etc. From small quantity production to mass production, we have the production systems tailored to our customers’ needs. read more
Excellent flatness and weathering performance
WLCSP wafer
WLCSP wafer developed by us is improved significantly, weather resistance, flatness compared to conventional products. We offer custom-made optical thin film according to customer requirements.

Leading – Edge Optical Thin Film

Keihin Komaku Kogyo Co., Ltd. is a company in the production and processing optical thin film / multilayer film, IR Cut Filter, Ag mirror, UV Cut Filter, Beam Splitter, Half Mirror, Cold Mirror, Dichroic Mirror / Filter, Laser Mirror, Anti-Reflection Coating, etc. Our products can be evaporation coating on edge face of glass, crystal, quartz, plastic, film, fiber, crystalline material,etc. We can aid from the test production to the high-volume of production.